Final Expense Insurance

You can qualify for guaranteed final expense insurance without requiring medical exams.

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We Help You Choose The Ideal Final Expense Insurance.

Final Expense

We work with the top life insurance companies to offer the most affordable final expense insurance options. Our experienced advisors can answer your questions and help you choose the perfect policy.

Final Expense

Schedule a phone or video conference with a licensed agent to develop a customized plan to meet your needs. We can also make adjustments when necessary.


Get peace of mind for a lifetime.

Final expense insurance pays for your end-of-life expenses, such as your funeral. Your family will receive a lump sum to cover all costs related to your death, including medical bills, burial, and funeral services. Your loved ones can focus on grieving instead of wondering how they will pay for your funeral.

Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

Pay for End-of-Life Costs

Your family will have money for your funeral or other long-term expenses.

Your Cash Value Grows with Tax Deferment

Your money is accessible during your lifetime.

Our Agents Cost You Nothing

Funerals can cost $10,000 or more.

Most families don’t have enough money readily available.

Give your family confidence

Final expense insurance is designed to pay for your funeral costs. You will have peace of mind knowing your family won’t struggle financially.

We Gather Quotes

We are partnered with over 80 insurance companies, allowing us to get numerous quotes so you can choose the best coverage at the right price. We guarantee it!

A Simple Process

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. We aim to simplify the process to help you understand your options.

You Can Count on Us

We’re ready to help you choose the appropriate final expense insurance for your needs and budget.

Trusted Advisors

Every Health has thousands of trusted advisors with years of experience to help you find the best insurance among our network of over 80 insurance companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

None of us can know when we’ll pass away or when our health situation may change for the worse. For the best rate, it makes sense to apply for coverage today.
In most cases, yes. Final expense is an affordable option for people who want straightforward, reliable coverage that lasts for life.
Everyone has different insurance coverage needs. To help determine how much coverage is right for you and your finances, connect with one of Ensure Heath’s insurance advisors.