Dental Insurance Plan & Coverage

Most people don’t love a trip to the dentist. But, that trip can get much worse when you’re faced with a huge bill. Just as we do with our health insurance plans, we uncover the plans that dental insurance carriers don’t promote to large employers.
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TYPES OF Dental Coverages We Offer

Every Health Dental Insurance plan includes preventive care, includingExams, X-rays, and Cleanings.

Dental PPO

Similar to medical PPO coverage, dental PPO plans allow you to use any dentist, but the dentists that are “in network” will typically have lower costs for you. Visits may have a copayment and you’ll probably have a deductible before the plan begins covering you, as well as a maximum amount that the plan will cover in a calendar year.

Dental HMO

You’ll typically choose one dentist or practice for all of your dental needs. If you seek coverage elsewhere, you’ll pay for it yourself. HMO coverage often has lower monthly premiums and low or no copayments.

Discount Plans

With dental discount plans, you receive a lower cost for service, but all visits and procedures are paid directly to the dentist or practice by you. There is no copayment or deductible, since you are paying for services directly.