Dental & Vision Insurance Plan

Many people would prefer to do something other than visit the dentist. However, when you see the dental care bill, your trip will likely feel a lot worse. Many dental insurance carriers offer exceptional plans they don’t promote to employers, so knowing your options is vital.

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What you should consider

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Do you want preventive coverage?

# 2

Do you want low or no deductible coverage?

# 3

Do you visit a dentist for procedures beyond regular cleanings?

# 4

Do you want to keep your current dentist?

# 5

Do you only want covered for major dental procedures?

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Find the right coverage

Types of Dental Coverages We Offer

All dental insurance policies offer coverage for preventive care, including routine cleanings, x-rays, and exams.

Dental PPO

A dental PPO plan is similar to its medical counterpart. It allows you to choose any dentist you wish. In-network dentists cost less than out-of-network providers. You may have a copayment for your visits, along with a deductible you must pay before coverage begins. Most plans have a per-year maximum for coverage.

Dental HMO

Most people choose a single dentist or dental clinic to handle their dental care. You may still seek care elsewhere with an HMO plan, but you must pay for it. These plans have lower premiums and often have minimal or no copays.

Discount Plans

A dental discount plan offers a low cost of service. However, you must pay for all visits and procedures out of your pocket. Since you are paying for the services, you won’t have a copayment or deductible.


Vision Insurance

Some individuals add vision coverage to their health insurance, but it’s not required. This insurance typically pays for vision exams and preventive care, including office visits and basic treatments. If you need more advanced care, such as laser correction, let us know so we can create a custom plan that meets your needs