Pre-existing Conditions: Your Rights Under the ACA

We’ve all heard about pre-existing conditions, a phrase that has often meant complications, challenges, and sometimes even denial when it comes to health insurance. But did you know that, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you’re protected and entitled to health coverage, even with a pre-existing condition?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into what this means for you, and why it’s such a game-changer.

What’s a Pre-existing Condition?

A pre-existing condition is any health issue that was present before the date that new health coverage starts. In the past, these conditions could have been a hurdle to getting health insurance, or could result in higher premiums. This includes conditions like diabetes, cancer, and even pregnancy.

Understanding Your Rights Under The ACA

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was a health reform law passed in 2010. One of its most significant provisions is its protection for those with pre-existing conditions.

Before the ACA, insurance companies could deny coverage, charge higher premiums, or limit benefits to individuals based on their health history. But now, health insurance companies can’t refuse to cover you or charge you more just because you have a “pre-existing condition” — that is, a health problem you had before the date that new health coverage starts. Regardless of the state of your health, the ACA has you covered!

A Protection That Makes A Difference

This right has made a substantial difference in the lives of millions. It means that your health history doesn’t have to dictate your health future. It signifies that insurance providers are required to offer a safety net, ensuring everyone, irrespective of their pre-existing conditions, can get the coverage they need.

For those with chronic illnesses, knowing that your insurance coverage is guaranteed is a significant relief. It means you can focus on what truly matters – managing your condition and optimizing your health – rather than worrying about your insurance coverage.

You’re Covered. What’s Next?

So, what’s next on your health journey? Knowing your rights is the first step. The next is ensuring you have the coverage you need.

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You are more than your pre-existing condition. You are a fighter, a champion, and with the ACA and EveryHealth Group, you are covered.